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Teleporting into the holiday season!

With the holiday season just around the corner, and some of you eagerly hoping for a snowy white Christmas, summer is here in New Zealand! Blue skies and sunshine reign, and I’m excited to say that one of my poems has just been published in the summer issue of OHBaby! magazine. Take a look on page 14 of the magazine if you get the chance.

The poem, Teleportation, is about nursing a baby and the lack of sleep and mental exhaustion that can go along with it; it’s from my book, Joy and Pandemonium - Poems from a first-time parent. Sleep deprivation is definitely a theme any parent can relate to, no matter where you are on the globe. I’m preparing myself for a big dose of sleep deprivation in the coming year as our family is about to grow in size again!

Readers have said Joy and Pandemonium makes a great gift for anyone interested in parenting or poetry and it could help to fill those Christmas stockings. It’s available on Amazon for deliveries around the world and at selected bookstores including The Booklover bookstore in Milford, Auckland (New Zealand). Check it out and have a very Happy Sunny or Snowy Holiday!



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