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Joy and Pandemonium - Launch Event October 28!

When I had a baby, I was inspired to write about the amazing and exhausting experience. I scrawled lines on odd bits of paper till I had enough for a collection of poems. Now, I am pleased to announce my book, Joy and Pandemonium, will be launched this month. The launch will be held at Whangaparaoa Library, Auckland at 2pm and is free to attend. If you would like to come, just go to Eventbrite to RSVP or email

Joy and Pandemonium will be available for purchase at the launch and makes a good read or an engaging gift. It’s a collection of poems about the excitement and difficulties of being a first-time parent. It is poetry packed with the enormous love for a new baby, the hilarity of baby antics, and the frustration of sleepless nights. There is something for everyone in this collection - poems about birth, the wonder of being a new mother, the joys and trials of fatherhood and that special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

The Whangaparaoa Library is a lovely venue for the launch with views of trees and the sea and it’s only around the corner from some first-rate beaches. So come along to the launch to share in the celebration of publishing this heartfelt collection of poems and possibly even take a stroll on a local beach!



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