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Joy and Pandemonium - coming soon!

Nothing matches the joy and adrenalin of having your first baby. When I became pregnant, I was moved by the excitement and the strange sensations to write poetry. I gave birth to a baby boy and reflected on the pain and exuberance of it. It felt like an exhausting, transcendental, agonising and miraculous experience and afterwards I got served lots of yummy food too! But then I had to embark on the adventure of learning how to look after this amazing little being that was entirely dependent on me and his excited and bewildered daddy.

As a parent the words continued to flow but sleep was much more of a battle. I composed poetry in my head while nursing my baby at 2am in the morning. I found I had an extraordinarily strong love and attachment to my baby, but I was sleep deprived and losing my grip on the coordination, order and tidiness that I had known before having a little one. One night, I even found myself sleep walking and woke up trying to open a wardrobe door! It was quite startling. I had to grow and change with my baby. I learnt to relax about some things, like piles of washing and toys scattered across the floor, just so we could all get enough sleep to enjoy the daytime.

I had taken time off to start my family, and I decided to use part of it to put my reflections together in a book. It was much more time-consuming than I thought it would be but I learnt a lot about writing, editing, formatting and cover design. And now the book is nearly ready! The launch will be in October and the details will be coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy the preview of the cover below.



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